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Scalable App Architecture
Databases & Servers
Quality Assurance
Whether starting from scratch or optimising your current solutions we offer comprehensive web design and development services. We provide custom web applications that are intuitive, fast & secure.
Responsive and functional websitesResponsive and functional websitesResponsive and functional websites


Databases & Servers

Responsive Web Design

Quality Assurance


Scalable App Architecture

Front-end web development

We use the latest, most reliable tech stacks, and are highly experienced when it comes to using third-party APIs. We’ll determine the best web development solutions to accomplish your unique goals.

Back-end Web development

We help you assess which framework to use. In Web Development Services we follows four key criteria as follows:

  • Time to market
  • Size of the development team
  • Your current technology stack
  • Popularity (we choose only proven solutions)


  • MySQL
  • CouchDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • SQLite
  • Cassanda
  • MongoDB
Search Engines
  • ElasticSearch
  • Algolia
Message Brokers
  • RabbitMQ
Management methodology

Management - how we work

We provide full-stack web development and product release: from the idea & design to optimisation and maintenance.

Advantages we provide

Regular Reports
Scrum-oriented teams, with clear and easy-to-track goals, demos and PM reports.
Design-Driven Development
Interfaces that save time during the web development, along with a design process that creates a user-friendly experience.
Budget & Time Management
A Project Manager oversees the budget and keeps the development within a set timeframe.
Communication & Flexibility
Contact the team directly on a daily basis if you wish. You can even change your previous requests every two weeks.

Our core methodology

Agile Development

How can clients track our process?

We give you access to our professional tracking tool - Jira - so that you know what your team is currently working on and monitor progress daily.

Tracking Process with Jira

Our Development process

Professional web design and development service. From scratch to market-ready product and after its successful release.

Agile Methodology
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Product design in website development

We pay attention to details and always look for the best solutions, based on data & research, to craft beautiful interfaces and delightful experiences.

We’re focused on creating unique user-centered experiences & solving real problems. We pay attention to details and always look for the best solutions, based on data & research to craft beautiful interfaces and delightful experiences.

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Application architecture

Depending on the business goals, we help you choose the most suitable architecture for your product. We base our recommendations on criteria like: size of the application and its scalability, „time to market” & SEO requirements.

Single Page App
Server Side HTML
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Developers who understand business

A developer equipped with deep technical knowledge and coupled with business acumen is capable of proposing solutions, not just blindly executing  asks.

Our experience shows that the solutions our developers, who are aware of various technological opportunities and restrictions, put forward are welcomed and valued by our clients.

This way, a team working on the project goals, and not just for the client, is moulded.

Web design and development for business

Quality Assurance

We take a lot of pride in the quality of our applications. To ensure it meets all relevant standards and works smoothly for each user, we enforce a strict process of code quality control and testing.

Code review
Continous integration
Continous delivery
Continous monitoring
Beautiful code
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  • Full scope testing
    We test every part of the application: the front-end, the back-end, even the designs.
  • Manual tests
    We run and maintain test cases, test runs with the help of testcaselab.
  • Unit tests
    That are specifc and use dedicated tools to the programming language of your product.
  • Test coverage
    We measure automated test coverage, and never go below 90%.