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React Native allows you to build native mobile applications using only JavaScript, HTML and CSS
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Faster development

Common parts of code that can be shared between different operating systems, combined with various ready-to-apply components speed up the development process.

Why OUR clients love react native

It speeds up development process and allows smaller teams to build large applications.


Using React Native allows you to use the same programming language (javascript) in both backend and frontend applications. It empowers the whole team and allows them
to collaborate more effectively.

One team to develop it all

In comparison to other technologies Node.js is capable of performing more tasks in the same time thanks to its core element called event queue.

No recompiling

Node.js has thousands of libraries and
it is used by some big players. It allows you to easily build a simple microservice or more complex, multi-layered applications.

React Native likes to talk with other services

AWS Amplify services allow building scalable and efficient serverless backend solutions for React Native mobile applications.

Connect it with AWS Machine Learning services to add AI to your application.

Utilise ElasticSearch to allow your users to search big sets of data.

Use S3 storage to efficiently store user data.

Famous companies that use react native

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Simple implementation of viewport and zoom in fabricjs.

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An app for running new projects using HAPI framework and mongoose as the persistent data store.

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