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Framework popularity #1

Based on the annual survey made by Stackoverflow – the biggest developers forum in the world. Node.js is the the most commonly used technology.


Why OUR clients love node.js

It speeds up development process and allows smaller teams to build large applications.

Simple stack

Using Node.js allows you to use the same programming language (javascript) in both backend and frontend applications. It empowers the whole team and allows them to collaborate more effectively.


In comparison to other technologies Node.js is capable of performing more tasks in the same time thanks to its core element called event queue.


Node.js has thousands of libraries and it is used by some big players. It allows you to easily build a simple microservice or more complex, multi-layered applications.

Node.js likes to talk with other services

Because of its asynchronous nature, Node.js is perfect for interacting with external services.

Connect it with AWS Machine Learning services to add AI to your application.

Utilise ElasticSearch to allow your users to search big sets of data.

Use S3 storage to efficiently store user data.

Famous companies that use Node.js

One reason was scale. The second is, if you look at Node, the thing it’s best at doing is talking to other services.

LinkedIn’s Kiran Prasad

Mobile Development Lead

You can make it scale, and it’s very performant, and every property that we’ve moved over to the Node.js stack has seen an increase in performance.

Eric Ferraiuolo

Principal Software Engineer at Yahoo

Node.js helps us solve this (boundary between the browser and server) by enabling both the browser and server applications to be written in JavaScript.

Jeff Harrel

Senior Director of Payments Products and Engineering at PayPal

We concretely decided to do Node for two reasons: One was the memory footprint and it was advantageous to be able to use the same language on the server side as well as the client side. It’s super empowering for the whole team.

Mark Mayo

Principal Engineer at Mozilla

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