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Our goal is to create apps that work instantly, are intuitive and delightful. Custom mobile app development service bespoke to your needs.
Android, iOS, React Native apps development

React Native



Did you know?


Number of mobile apps used by an average smartphone user daily


Number of apps an average smartphone user downloads a month


Of users never go back to an app if it doesn’t make a good first impression

Mobile developer at work

Mobile App Development Management ‑ how we work

We provide iOS, Android and React Native application development services and product release: from the idea & design to optimisation and maintenance.

Advantages we provide

Regular Reports
Scrum oriented teams, with clear goals set that are easy to track in Jira, demos and PM reports.
Design-Driven Development
Interfaces that save time in development, along with a design process that creates a user-friendly experience.
Budget & Time Management
The Project Manager watches the budget and keeps the development within a set timeframe.
Communication & Flexibility
Contact the team directly on a daily basis if you wish. You can even change your previous requests every 2 weeks.

Our core methodology

Agile approach in our mobile apps development service.

Mobile Development - How can clients track our process?

We give you access to our professional tracking tool - Jira - so that you know what your team is currently working on and monitor progress daily.

Tracking process with Jira

Our app development process

From scratch to market-ready mobile app and after its successful release

Agile Methodology
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Design is our passion

Over the past several years, we've created numerous web platforms, mobile applications and user experiences for the digital world. We help brands design innovative web solutions that support their business strategies.

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  • Workshops
  • User flow mapping
  • User scenarios
  • Research
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  • BMC, VPC
  • Competiton benchmark
  • Personas
  • Information architecture
6CEF3C9E-6912-4ED9-8B9A-11ACE8A80676 Created with sketchtool.
  • Wireframes
  • Interface design
  • Pattern libraries
  • Interaction design
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  • Web analytics
  • User testing
  • A/B tests
  • UX evaluation
Standards we follow
Material Design
Human Interface
Guidelines iOS
Applications that look good on any device

Development and architecture

There’s a lot to be taken into consideration when developing a mobile app. That’s why our expertise in mobile architecture comes in handy when building a new product, be it with React Native, or for Android/iOS systems.

Technologies we use
React Native

        Dedicated mobile architecture

        MVC Architecture
        6447F06A-A5AD-4774-A1BB-6C60F7BD02B8 Created with sketchtool. Model User View Controller Sees Updates Uses Manipulates
        Dedicated App Architecture
        MVVM Architecture
        BD8865DD-6F14-4518-ACC8-73F6146570CA Created with sketchtool. View Model View Model PropertyChanged Events Update UI Events ViewModel Data ModelChange Events Read

        Code quality

        Considering we’ve always pushed ourselves to produce code of the best possible quality, we dedicate a lot of time to preparing both unit as well as integration tests. According to our internal standards, at least 90% of the code has to be covered with tests.

        JUnit5 testing
        Mockito testing
        Expresso testing
        XCTest testing
        App delivery

        When can i see my mobile app?

        Developing a fully-functional mobile application takes time. That’s why we implemented Continuous Integration that allows us to share the app build with you after every sprint.

        Difference between product app and developer app
        Publishing process
        App publishing process
        Google Play
        App Store
        App publishing process

        We use Fabric to automatically publish the app to our clients via email or Slack. Fabric also lets us provide you with basic analytics like:

        • User numbers (new vs. returning)
        • Session duration
        • App versions in use
        chart mobile
        When can i see my mobile app?

        AppStore & Play Store review — we got you covered

        When it’s time to release the application, we help our clients meet Apple & Google standards.

        We’ve got you covered with the key requirements including:

        • Safety
        • Design
        • Performance
        • Payments
        • Data collection & storage
        • Data use & sharing

        and much more...