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Develop web pages, progressive web applications as well as desktop applications thanks to Angular’s multiplatform orientation.
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Built to face Google-scale challenges, Angular allows you to build applications tailored to your wildest needs.

Why our clients love angular

It speeds up development process and allows smaller teams to build large applications.


Developed at Google, Angular undergoes a thorough testing before a new version is shared with the world.


Create beautiful and smooth animations with as little code as possible using Angular’s intuitive API.


Thanks to the new Component Router, you can render the requested views loading only the required code.

Testing & BUG Detection

Run precise, fast and more stable unit tests with Karma as well as end-to-end scenario tests with Protractor. Find mistakes and bugs earlier in the development process thanks to TypeScript.

Famous companies that use angular

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Simple implementation of viewport and zoom in fabricjs.

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An app for running new projects using HAPI framework and mongoose as the persistent data store.

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