Wearable dog’s activity tracker



We had to develop an Android app that would connect via bluetooth technology with a wearable WonderWoof BowTie and sync all the required data.

What we did
  • Android Development
  • Wearables Integration

wonderwoof platform

WonderWoof is a wearable dog’s activity tracker that allows you to stay connected with you pet through tracking their health and social activities. WonderWoof BowTie - wearable tracker made in a form of a bone-like bowtie. Gathers all the relevant information and synchronizes it with
a WonderWoof app with a help of bluetooth technology.

business problem

The app was built to help dog-owners take care of their pet’s health, grooming, activity and diet.

Wonderwoof smart bowtie

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WonderWoof can remind you about different actions like feeding, grooming, playing or even when you need to give your pet his medicine.
Stay Connected
Track your dog’s daily activities, rest time and make sure they get the proper amount of exercise based on their breed, size, weight and age.
Make Friends
Meet and get to know other dog owners in your area and schedule doggy playdates with WonderWoof’s map-enabled social network.

Our involvement






Software Brothers delivered results in a way that we have not witnessed from any other service provider used to date! They covered the agreed scope and above. Their ability to adapt and work with a tricky and agile, ever changing project showed that they were more than capable. The strongest part of Software Brothers' contribution was their ability to manage locally very well. We were able to trust their development progress to a degree that we have not experienced elsewhere. It was like they were being a department within our own company.

Joe Morsman
CTO, WonderWoof