Subscription-based volunteering platform

Web Development


The client had specific business goals when he approached us. We had to improve the performance of the existing platform. It required us to get rid of the old technology and re-write everything in Ruby on Rails. We had to make sure it’s responsive and mobile-friendly, which, as a result, had to boost subscription rates. Set goals required a deep analysis of the current situation to identify existing UX/UI problems.

What we did
  • UX Design
  • Usability Improvements
  • Web Development
  • Front-end
  • Back-end

helpstay platform

HelpStay is a subscription-based volunteering platform that allows people to travel around the world and help others in return for a free stay.

business problem

The main goal was to create a trusted online community combined with a user-oriented service.

Travel around the world with helpstay

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Looking for help? Become a host and find volunteers to support you.
Global Reach
Find opportunities from more than 100 countries all around the globe.
Yearly Access
Unlimited access to the HelpStay platform with a single subscriptions plan.

Our involvement

Ruby on Rails





I have been working with Software Brothers for the past two and half years. In addition to our weekly calls and site visits, they’re always on hand for a chat about my project or to resolve any immediate issues. They’re accessible, courteous and committed to making my project a success. I enjoy working with them and they’re good fun too.

Shay Gleeson
Founder, HelpStay