E-commerce platform for local grocery delivery

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Publis90 Award 2016 - Best Startup
Forbes Top 100 Startups in the Arab World in 2017

elGrocer lets Dubai app users order groceries online and have them elivered.

One company is trying to transform how grocery shopping is done in the region and beyond.

Hyperlocal grocery delivery startup wants to help consumers in Dubai.

From shop to your shelf, elGrocer grows

E-commerce app that provides grocery delivery within an hour


Speed is the key element for every delivery and elGrocer strived to provide the best service on the market. To reach such goal, we had to deliver a highly optimised service. The suite of mobile apps had to be simple and easy to use for both customers and local shop owners, while the back-end system had to ensure app-server communication and geofencing.

What we did
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Back-end Development
11 000 users & 50 stores (Aug. 2016)
A wide range of products delivered to you from local stores.
System connecting grocery stores with customers nearby.
Easy stock additions for retailers using an exisiting database or .CSV file
Content management for retailers
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orders management
  • Accepting orders
  • Canceling orders
  • Order updates
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store management
  • Store location
  • Set avatar / logo
  • Store name
  • Opening hours
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products management
  • Barcode scanning
  • Price updates
  • Stock updates

MVP Launch


  • Mobile apps architecture
  • New features implementation
  • Database back-end solution
  • Libraries & API integration

iOS & Android Apps in MVC Architecture

An industry standard for both iOS and Android apps.

Creating a product database

Initially products were scraped from a store list. However, in response to store owners feedback, we developed a .csv upload, providing more control and flexibility.

Key features

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Implementation allowed local shops to select the delivery areas to work within. Dubai’s postal districts provided a potential solution, however, in consultation with elGrocer we elected to use geofencing. As a result, the app simply accesses the user location providing accuaracy to both the customer and store.

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Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning provided one potential solution to ensure that each store could list all of the available products. However, a lack of uniformity between barcodes presented a significant technical challenge. In the end, we managed to develop a multi-purpose scanner, capable of identifying whole product databases, including seasonal produce.

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Offline mode

This allowed users to browse through local product catalogues, access and update their carts, and complete their purchase when back online.

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Guest mode

A separate flow to allow new users to make a single
purchase without creating an account.

Software Brothers communicated well and completed projects on time even when schedules changed unexpectedly. The team understood startup challenges, and met those difficulties with a creative, fluid development type.

Mohamed Hamedi