Easy Translate

Language solutions platform for business

web development
We helped EasyTranslate with multiple touchpoints: Web, iOS/Android, SaaS and UX/UI design
EasyTranslate service meetings for brands like:


Developing a fully-featured translation platform and a set of mobile apps to give businesses universal access to professional translators for a cheaper and fair price.

We provided them not only with technology but also business support, which grew into a long-lasting relationship that continues until today.

Services provided
  • Design
  • Testing
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Project Managment
  • Web Development

Company Pages

Landing pages as well as web app panels and dashboards.
Landing page for mobile apps, highlighting their main features.
An experimental blog for brand reach and marketing.


EasyTranslate required a corporate yet contemporary look. To achieve that, we used subtle CSS animations, hover effects, slide effects, parallax etc.

EasyTalq Mobile applications

EasyTalq is a set of Android and iOS mobile apps that allows users to create audio and video conference calls between multiple users and a professional EasyTranslate interpreter to provide real-time translation.


The iOS application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tablet users can enjoy enhanced tablet view, which provides experience fitted to bigger screen size.


The solution we developed helps EasyTalq apps to provide users with seemingless mobile experience across various Android-based devices.

Design updates

We managed versioning and provided regular design updates.

Software Brothers delivered both on schedule and within budget. They provided us with an excellent product and quality project management from start to end.

Frederik Pedersen
CTO, EasyTranslate

Web Application

We developed a sophisticated platform capable of delivering 3 separate interconnected modules, each with different flows and logics for different user types.

We also created an automated email system with custom templates for multiple use cases.

Key Features

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Customer Module

A panel for customers looking for translation services

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The Heartbeat System

Our "heartbeat" system charges the host for each active minute of interpretation provided

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Translator Module

A panel for translators to offer their services through ET platform

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Route Planning

For on-site meetings, the system plans a route for interpreters to reach their client

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Support Module

A panel for ET employees ensuring a flawless service

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Automatic Mailing

An automated email notification system with different flows and templates

Video chat and voice call module

Interpreting, Subtitling, Transcriptions, Voice Over