Backend Tech Lead

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PLN 15 000 - 20 000 NET  + VAT (B2B)
Remote (online interview)


people who are like us — who don’t want to stand still, who are extremely ambitious, who love adding new features not only to their code, but also to their skillset. We’re an open, friendly team that helps clients from all over the world to transform their businesses and design astonishing products.

The Tech Lead role is crucial for our organisation. It requires not only good technical skills, but also ability to lead the backend side of our projects, and to support our business.


  • actively help in leading backend production in Software Brothers
  • influence the direction of our backend development with a focus on the cloud services
  • implementing new solutions
  • maintain high code quality
  • help your coworkers by mentoring them, doing code reviews, giving technical advices and evaluation of their work
  • develop our open-source libraries with Software Brothers team
  • contribute to our technical blog, conferences etc.


  • has solid, well established experience in Javascript 
  • has proficient Node.js experience OR good background in other backend technologies
  • is familiar with AWS/GCP
  • knows TDD and uses testing frameworks in his daily work
  • knows how to debug and resolve problems
  • is always ready to learn new technologies and improve their skills
  • knows Polish and English very well (B2 level)


  • code review
  • testing (TDD)
  • good practices and guidelines
  • linters
  • well-thought-out code


Software Brothers is a software house from Wroclaw specialising in JavaScript-based technology.

Our developers work with React, Node, React Native, and Vue. We're working with clients from countries like the UK, Germany, Norway, Australia and the USA.

We also love open-source - if you haven't yet heard about AdminBro, an auto-generated admin panel, you should definitely check it out:

We're open to 100% remote work.



We care about the individual professional development of our employees and the entire organization.

  • hackathons / open-source days once in a quarter during work time,
  • up to 75% reimbursement of conference,
  • time to write blog posts,
  • an additional (paid) day for presenting at an external event,
  • in-company technical lighting talks,
  • co-financing of English classes...


An opportunity to make decisions about technology, tools and ways of solving problems. Transparency - inside and outside the company.


We are open to new ideas and constructive feedback and always motivated to improve relationships. Feedback, surveys, newsletter, company meetings, team-building events and much more!


Whether it’s in our relations with the clients or colleagues, we maintain professionalism, which we understand as providing the highest quality services. Clearly defined processes, work rules - so you could work better.

If it sounds good to you, join us!


How to prepare for the interview?

How to prepare for the interview?
Working at Software Brothers

Culture & benefits

We do it binary
Standards that make your tasks 0:1
Management that listens
During company retro meetings
Apple or Lenovo?
You choose
English lessons
To learn or not to learn, that is the question
Learning materials
Books and courses at your disposal
Step up your game
Developing software, but not your skills? Not in Software Brothers
Flexible working hours
An owl or a lark? Start your work day between 6:30 and 9:00
Remote work
2 days per month you can work from anywhere you like
Parking lot
For both car drivers and bike fans
Multisport Card
Gyms, pools, dancing classes and many more
Veterans of code
Experienced team members, always willing to help
All-round team
With developers, testers, designers and PMs on board
No dress code
Wear what makes you feel comfortable
Foods & drinks
Fruits, coffee, tea, snacks, pizza, burgers - you name it
Knowledge sharing
During internal presentations, on our blog, at meetups
Conference budgets
We cover 75% of your trainings and conferences costs
Doing things together
Lunches, barbecues, go-karts, paintball, ski retreats
Office by the lake
Peace and quiet with ducks, herons… and a roaming deer
Have a rest
In one of the office hammocks
Working with bro and sis
Not with Mr and Mrs
Medical care
100% paid coverage at enel-med. No relying on placebo.
Sports events
We don’t sweat, it’s our awesomeness leaking