People-Driven Development

If you
you'll feel right at home

At Software Brothers, We’re looking for people who are like us — who don’t want to stand still, who are extremely ambitious, who love adding new features not only to their code, but also to their skillset. We’re an open, friendly team that helps clients from all over the world to transform their businesses and create astonishing products.
Working at Software Brothers

Culture & benefits

We do it binary
Standards that make your tasks 0:1
Management that listens
During company retro meetings
Apple or Lenovo?
You choose
English lessons
To learn or not to learn, that is the question
Learning materials
Books and courses at your disposal
Step up your game
Developing software, but not your skills? Not in Software Brothers
Flexible working hours
An owl or a lark? Start your work day between 6:30 and 9:30
Remote work
2 days per month you can work from anywhere you like
Parking lot
For both car drivers and bike fans
Multisport Card
Gyms, pools, dancing classes and many more
Veterans of code
Experienced team members, always willing to help
All-round team
With developers, testers, designers and PMs on board
No dress code
Wear what makes you feel comfortable
Foods & drinks
Fruits, coffee, tea, snacks, pizza, burgers - you name it
Knowledge sharing
During internal presentations, on our blog, at meetups
Conference budgets
We cover 75% of your trainings and conferences costs
Doing things together
Lunches, barbecues, go-karts, paintball, ski retreats
Office by the lake
Peace and quiet with ducks, herons… and a roaming deer
Have a rest
In one of the office hammocks
Working with bro and sis
Not with Mr and Mrs
Medical care
100% paid coverage at enel-med. No relying on placebo.
Sports events
We don’t sweat, it’s our awesomeness leaking
We always look for ways to improve our craft.


Past events
28th Sept 2018
Poznaj programistę
More info soon!
More info soon!
More info soon!
26th Aug 2018
Software Brothers’ Presentations: Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform
24th July 2018
Software Brothers’ Presentations: Node.js
21st July 2018
Software Brothers Hackathon
30th June 2018
PHPers Summit 2018
recruitment steps

what to expect after applying to software brothers


Through the form on our website. We’ll get back to you within 2 weeks.

Initial call

Just to see if we might be a fit. Sometimes we go straight to the interview.

The interview

It lasts 1 - 1,5 hour and checks your technical background as well as your soft skills.

The task

We might ask you to do a recruitment task, but it’s not a rule.


You’ll always receive feedback, no matter if you get the job or not.

Welcome aboard!

Your first day is already planned out, so we’ll let you know what to expect before it comes.


How to prepare for the interview?

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the vibe

What our employees say

Account Manager
The atmosphere in the office makes you want to come back over and over again.
Software Developer
My skills have grown exponentially since I started at Software Brothers. One of the best things about working here is the flexibility of the job and an opportunity to develop your skills to become more efficient.
QA Specialist
Quality is the biggest value. I love to provide well-made things.
Software Developer
We resolve problems and set ourselves ambitious goals. That’s what makes a good team, we enjoy working together.
Software Developer
Inside the IT industry, everything changes rapidly and we’re facing new challenges everyday. At Software Brothers, challenges mean opportunities to learn and grow. And that’s what I value a lot.
UI/UX Designer
Design team is a group of professionals who care about every detail and pixel. Working with them is an everyday pleasure.
Software Developer
We're creating an environment which encourages to write clean code through learning, reviewing, defining our standards and guidelines.
Software Developer
This company opened my eyes and mind to new technologies. Thanks to Software Brothers, I’ve learned many new ways to solve problems. It feels like here everything is possible :)


We tell it upfront

Candidate faq

  • Depending on the project, the Scrum Master’s and Product Owner’s role is our Project Manager’s job. The PM is responsible for the backlog and works directly with the client.
  • Timeline of the project depends on the specific tasks that need to be delivered. It’s ’s determined by whether we are to create an app from scratch, fix or improve an already existing app, or whether we are solely taking care of its maintenance. The number of functionalities to be added, its complexity, number of developers working on it and the team’s velocity are also counted in. On average, when it comes to an MVP development, the timeline varies between 3 and 6 months. We also have a few long-lasting projects, some of which are still being developed after more than 3 years of cooperation.
  • English skills are necessary. Even though we’re a Poland-based company, you will be working as a part of an international team, which will most likely include our clients and possibly client’s team on board. The majority of our customers are from abroad and English is the main language that we use for communication. Project Manager is usually the person responsible for contact with the client, but you need to be able to share your thoughts and explain certain aspects of your area of expertise at the meeting as well. If you’re worried about your English level and you feel like you need to improve it, please mind that there are English lessons available to our employees in our office. We require B2 level, anything beyond that is a plus.
  • We’re doing our best not to let such thing happen, but if it does, drop us a line at
  • Without seeing your resume, we really cannot tell. The only way to check that is applying. So click that “Apply” button and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. ;)
  • Yes, you can change the project you are working on, but please remember we’ll require some time to organize it. Everything depends on what kind of projects we currently have on board, the technology you work with and who could replace you in a job you’re currently doing. It usually takes 2-3 months. Also, bear in mind, we cannot guarantee exactly which project you are be assigned to when you join us as a new team member. We usually recruit a new person to start within a concrete project, but it may change since the interview to your start date.
  • How do you work on your projects?
  • How long does your projects last?
  • Do I have to speak English?
  • What if I applied and haven’t received any response for more than 2 weeks?
  • I’m not sure if I meet all the requirements listed in the job offer. Is there any sense in applying at all?
  • I’m worried I’ll stuck in the project where I don’t have opportunities to improve my skills. Is there any way to change it?