Why Do You Need a Tech Person When Working With an Outsourcing Company?

Let’s assue you are building your application with an outsourcing company with the best programmers. Does your company need a tech guy? -YES it does.

CTO (chief technology officer) is a person in your company responsible for:

Code clarity

Your IT specialist ensures that product is being built in a way that new programmers could easily jump in. It means:

  • the code has automated tests
  • the code is based on popular opensource libraries code has documentation
  • the deployment process is automated

This is really handy when you need to change your outsourcing partner.

Fast changes

Making fast changes and maintenance is usually more efficient with a programmer in the company. You don’t have to write emails and negotiate terms whenever a very small, but important change is needed.

Technical problems

For sure, at some time (rather sooner than later), you will have to face specific technical problems with your app. They could relate to hosting solutions, online payments or just user interface limitations.

In such situations it is good to have somebody by your side who knows a bit about the issues and their consequences. Somebody who will be able to take a different vantage point and ;decide which solution is better.

Monitor technical debt

CTO is a person will know what the technical debt is and how to measure it. If you don’t know what the TD is - read my article.

You can read more about the process of software development outsourcing here.


Those responsibilities are very important for the general safety of the startup. Without a relevant person you could run into serious problems when your app grows.