What do we USE, part 1 (Project Management)

In almost 7 years of being on the market we worked with a lof of different Programmin and Project Management tools. During those years we have used a lot of tools starting from: storyboards put on the wall, through Redmine, Github (for project management and source control), Basecamp ending on Podio and Trello. Now, after consultations within organisation as well as with our Clients - we exactly know, what we need.


Factor that we decided is most important for our needs is Cohesion. We wanted to find tools that collaborate and communicate with one another in order to spread information within our organisation. Attlassian came up to be a great match for us!

Our Backyard

JIRA became our main tool for project and team management a year ago. Today, it’s hard to imagine where we would be without the features that it gives us. Thanks to the AGILE and TEMPO plugins we have moved every single process and project to JIRA. Now we have full knowledge about our resources time and whether the projects are developed according to our goals and schedule. It helps our Clients too, because they have full access to the project data in which they can collaborate.

Although the process of knowing JIRA and making sure that pur custom workflows work properly was long and at some points complicated - we have no regrets! Maintaining projects, bugs and team schedule was never so easy.

kmpIT apps


Even that our team is situated in one office, we still want to have proper communication tool so that all of us can share information and simply communicate without distracting others. Guess what - HipChat helps a lot! We have used Skype but opportunity to have seperate rooms for different projects and topics or ability to share .gifs with just d&d feature made it an obvious choice ;)

We used HipChat for a month as a free trial version. After learning how valuable it is we had no problem with paying for it ever since. We also noticed that chemistry within our team raised up due the OFFTOPIC room that we managed to create for unofficial topics and shares.

People > Tools

That’s our way. That’s how we decided to proceed with the process and it works! Remember though: Tools are not making you a well set organisation with projects done on time - PEOPLE DO. But in case you are intrested how we are managing our IT Processes and Workloads - you might like to visit second part of this article which will be live next week at 18.06.2014 r. Stay tuned for our updates!