Top 9 Jira Plugins and Tools for More Efficient Project Management

Did you know that the word Jira comes from a Japanese word Gojira, which means Godzilla? And just like the greatest raptile - Jira is a full-blown and really powerful creature.

It was originally created to plan, track, release and report activities in an agile environment.
According to Atlassian, Jira is used for issue tracking and project management by over 75,000 customers in 122 countries. It is estimated that the indicated number of clients (companies) gives about 5,000,000 users, and by adding hidden users there might be even 9,000,000 users. Regardless of the accuracy of these data, it is clear that we are talking about a numerous group of people and the tool itself, being 18 years old, supports project management at a really decent level.

Therefore, does it make sense to create additional plugins and add-ons?

Well, let's look at Jira as a top Mercedes model. Even the best car can always be tuned and further customized by adding new features or extra power.That’s exactly the case with Jira- and this is why today we’ll show you 9 plugins and tools that will make your work with Jira smarter, more customized and way more efficient.
Let’s start:

1. Aha! Visual Product Roadmaps

From our experience, complex projects are better seen visually - in a drawing, diagram or a roadmap, so it’s good to equip your Jira with something like Aha! - a plugin available on the Atlassian marketplace. Aha! is quite an advanced and flexible Jira plugin for creating colorful roadmaps. Aha! users can choose from a variety of visual roadmap templates to craft the project view for any audience. The plugin goes with six roadmap templates (which can be exported as an image, PDF or a secure web presentation) and are easily customized using a drag-and-drop function.
The tool allows team members to set goals and then track the progress in achieving them.

The plugin works fine for various teams - it’s not limited to agile methodology and can be used in Marketing, Sales or Customer Service too - we must say this is pretty unique as the Jira add-ons most often focus on the software development projects.

30-days Trial
Premium: 59USD
Enterprise: 99USD
Enterprise+ 149USD

2. Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira

Now let’s have a look at another roadmap generator (so you can pick the one you prefer) - Easy Agile Roadmap. As the name suggests, this tool is designed for agile projects. Each Jira issue can be dragged and dropped onto the timeline so it's easy to see when the team will begin/end work on a particular issue. The tool allows tracking progress towards epic completion and exporting the Roadmap to PDF (so the export option is limited in comparison with Aha!)

It’s worth taking a closer look at the Theme Swimlanes, which allow grouping tasks into high-level streams of work. It can be really useful for Project Managers who want to group issues that represent each client or teams.

What’s important - in contrary to Aha! - Easy Agile Roadmap works with Scrum and Kanban Jira Software boards so it’s clearly dedicated to agile projects.

Free 30 day trial
Up to 10 users: $10 monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users $1.75 per user/month

3. Budget Hero - Be on budget and time with your projects

Now let’s talk about money, shall we? Despite offering a large number of functionalities Jira still lacks a few budgeting features which Budget Hero can cover on a very decent level.
First of all, this new web system retrieves data from Jira and shows detailed budget status in real time.
The budget can be controlled and monitored at the entire project level, particular epics or even specific technology (frontend, backend, mobile). Visual progress tracking allows users to quickly understand the current status as well as monitor the predicted completion time of the entire project.

Budget Hero offers various, cross-sectional reports and it also introduces an extra feature called BQF - Backlog Quality Factor that shows whether your internal project management standards are being followed. It's a simple but powerful budget & progress control software that is rapidly gaining popularity.

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4. Time Tracker

We talked about the money and now it’s about time to focus on time. For a start, take a look at Timetracker - a time tracking and worklog reporting tool for Jira.
Its goal is to make logging work easier and it allows worklogs management on a highly customizable, separate view designed for daily time tracking or on a calendar view.
The tool offers different reports based on projects, filters, users or groups and allows viewing every worklog related to the users.

Of course, the tool could not lack the export option (to Excel or CSV file) and a few dashboard gadgets (diagrams, pie charts etc.). It’s also very intuitive and has a nice visual design.

Free 30 day trial
Up to 10 users - $2.5 monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users - $0.4 per user/month

5. Tempo Planner

This one doesn’t need an introduction, does it? It is one of the most popular tools on the Atlassian Marketplace with more than 13,000 customers, including 120 of the Fortune’s Global 500. We use Tempo Planner at Software Brothers and we must admit it helps us a lot in planning our resources and teams’ capacity.
Tempo Planner offers a real-time view of all your resources (as well as their status and plans) and it’s really easy to identify who is available and when.
It also offers a detailed breakdown of team capacity in real time, including the allocation and availability of each team member (and allows to plan and approve work directly from the resource planning view).

Tempo planner also generates various detailed and cross-sectional reports which allows you to see the big picture of the production. The tool helps avoiding overworking dev teams and the work can be easily planned at the optimum level.

Tempo Planner very often goes hand in hand with Tempo Timesheet and from our experience these two tools used together can really tweak your resources planning.

Free 30 day trial
Up to 10 users $10 monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users $1.75 per user/month

6. Tempo Timesheets

As mentioned above, Tempo Timesheet works really well with Tempo Planner, but we’ve noticed that the purpose of both tools is often confused.
Tempo Timesheets and Planner are two separate tools although they have a few elements in common. Tempo Timesheets is mainly for logging work in Jira and generating work reports. It covers time / work logging needs. The Timesheets' planning features are rather limited. Tempo Planner, as you’ve just read, is a much more extended planning tool that enables you to see the big picture of your plans and capacity.

Tempo Timesheets can be integrated with Tempo Planner, Google Calendar or Microsoft 365 Calendar. It also offers an iOS and Android mobile app.
The tool is equipped with powerful reporting options so it’s easy to see where the time has been spent. You can also quickly review, approve or reject timesheets.

Free 30 day trial
Up to 10 users $10 monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users $3 per user/month

7. ScriptRunner For Jira

Imagine you went through dozens of plugins and tools and still didn't find what you were looking for. What if you want to make your own adjustments and make Jira work exactly the way you want?
ScriptRunner would be the solution here. It is quite a powerful automation & customisation toolset that offers an in-line editor where users can write their own scripts. With ScriptRunner it's easy to modify or add JIRA functionalities in order to support the company's specific business demands (or the Boards' reporting requirements).

As for the core features - The ScriptRunner enables you to automate Jira actions with Groovy, customise your workflows, notification settings and user interface (as well as the whole experience).
Also, Enhanced Search view allows you to search through Jira faster and lets you find the exact issues you need at the moment.

Free 30 day trial
Up to 10 users $5 monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users $2,5 per user/month

8. Estimations sum for Jira Boards

Now we’ll show you two smaller, yet very useful tools. Estimations sum for Jira boards (yes that’s the product name) is a Chrome extension that sums up the remaining time from Jira scrum board.

It's pretty useful to see the sum of all the issues for each column, especially since Jira lacks such a feature, don’t you agree?


Now let's move on to the last point so you can learn how to...

9. Email This Issue

Last but not least - Email this Issue is a smart Jira plugin for email collaboration and email service desk for the email exchange inside and outside of the company. With the tool, there is no need to use an additional external email service - everything happens in the Jira project so the work process is highly simplified.

After sending an email, users can track all email-related issues in the dedicated panel. Managers maintain full control over the ongoing communication thanks to automatic notifications sent to all recipients - both inside and outside the organization.

The tool helps to create and send emails manually within Jira and configure personalized notifications to keep everyone updated on the changes made to your issues.

Free 30 day trial
Up to 10 users $10 monthly flat fee
11 - 100 users $2 per user/month


Using plugins and add-ons is a good way to improve the efficiency and quality of work. From our experience such improvements are needed, especially in three areas which "bare-foot" Jira does not support well enough:

We hope that the cherry-picked tools and add-ons recommended by us will significantly improve your work and your whole Jira experience.
Let us know what you think and if you'd like to talk more about your budgeting issues or need help with your project development - let's talk!