How AdminBro powered an app that was later acquired by VSCO

TikTok era of video sharing

Once brought to life by Vine, boosted even higher by and now dominated by TikTok, short-video sharing platforms generate overwhelming amounts of traffic and engagement, especially amidst younger users. TikTok alone is estimated to have roughly 800 million active daily users and 9 out of 10 use it multiple times a day. Many TikTok influencers gather around their personal brands tens of millions of followers and that is an incredible power.

Obviously, there are many factors that contribute to the level of popularity such apps have, but one of them is specifically important — a no-brainer video editing capabilities.

Speaking of video editing.

VSCO acquires Trash

Trash in an AI-driven video editing app that uses the power of artificial intelligence to combine user’s selected pieces of video content into a creatively edited video.

Here a few examples:

One tap is what stands between the user and a roughly edited video that is ready to be shared straight away, making it perfect for people who don’t have the editing skills to create something a bit more complex.

Trash’s software attracted attention of one of the largest photo and video editing apps — VSCO. In December 2020, the company announced they’re joining VSCO team in order to proceed the development of AI-driver video editing under VSCO’s brand and help them expand their machine learning capabilities. If you’re not familiar with VSCO, they’re one of the key players in their segment with over 100 million registered users (and that’s only the stats from Android).

What makes us even more excited about  Trash’s success is that we’ve put a piece of our heart into Trash’s app too.

How AdminBro powered Trash’s creators’ hub

Initially, Trash’s team was simply looking for an admin panel for their Node.js-based backend, and they ended up trying AdminBro — our open source automated administration panel. Considering it worked much better for them than the other ones they tested, Geneviève Patterson, CTO at Trash, reached out to us and asked for assistance with further panel customization.

As a result of our partnership, we developed a creators’ hub that served as an administrative application for artists with multiple tools to manage their video content published on the Trash platform and afterwards helped stabilize as well as increase overall performance of the entire system.

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