Escape room fun... instead of a job interview?

Job portals, LinkedIn and recruitment interviews are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Their place is taken by more unconventional activities. Software Brothers and HexIT’s joint project is a novel recruitment tool – Europe's first and only escape room for programmers.

Competing for top talent in the employee market has become one of the main challenges for companies in the IT industry.

Software developers are looking for new, unconventional methods to make their offer stand out. Winning in this arms race calls for truly creative ideas. One such unconventional project launched this September in Wroclaw, Poland: HexIT is one of six escape room experiences offered by LetMeOut.

HexIT is Europe's first and only escape room for programmers. This is a novel idea and fun experience for tech-heads.

The room is visited by over hundred programmers per month, and immediately caught the attention of Software Brothers – one of the leading IT companies in Wroclaw.

We want to strengthen our brand recognition and increase the efficiency of our HR recruitment activities. Recruiting developers is a huge challenge and classic job offers no longer cut the mustard. I would call the project a kind of Ambient EB – a new, higher level of Employer Branding.

HexIT also enables better verification of candidates.

Krzysztof Marszałek adds:

The market is full of amazing IT professionals who don’t necessarily work well as part of a team. The quality of communication, constructive feedback and the ability to work with people are very important factors for us.When choosing people for a team, I’d rather have a group of people who are average on a technical level, but excel at interpersonal skills. I believe such a group can achieve much more than a single super talented person alone. Brilliant, but problematic and confrontational individuals are not a good fit for Software Brothers.

The escape room is an experimental form of recruitment that Software Brothers will test until the end of 2019.

Having fun at HexIT helps us to verify our candidates, show their way of thinking, ability to act under time pressure, and demonstrate their reactions to new challenges and unusual situations (which are not lacking in real projects!).

escape room

Software Brothers marks its presence in various puzzles in the room in a delicate, unobtrusive way. The puzzles are written in JavaScript. But Hex is not only about coding. Some of the puzzles require actual physical effort! During the game, the team can expect puzzles which are purely about programming, as well as some which require agility, math skills and abilities like deduction and fact linking.

HexIT is a part of LetMeOut premises in Wrocław, located at Bernardyńska 4, next to Galeria Dominikańska.


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