All-in-one Scandinavian e-commerce for interior designers

If you have ever been involved in a flat renovation, you surely know how ‘easy’ of a task it is. Additionally, if you have ever worked on your own interior design, you know it’s a mess. Now, imagine that on a bigger scale. That’s what many interior designers have to deal with on a daily basis.

Building a simple yet features-packed tool became for us an object at hand when SkyHome decided to cover this market gap.

Market-unique approach

As we sat down during our initial kick-off workshop and were discussing the founders’ idea for the application, we quickly realized we needed to find a way to make a complex piece of software as simple for the end user as possible. In our case, the end user was an interior designer.

Essentially, the app’s main goal was to provide the users with a complete set of tools that would allow them to do their job without the need to jump between various programs and websites. Existing solutions also did not offer the designers a simple way to share their concepts without using some placeholder products.

SkyHome e-commerce

No placeholders, only real products

What SkyHome wanted to give to the designers is the ability to create interiors consisting of actual products that could be purchased from one place, delivering a 1:1 representation of their designs.  

To achieve this goal, it was decided to combine all the most useful tools in one place and make it even easier to transform the created interior into reality by adding an already mentioned e-commerce aspect to the platform.

Now, as an interior designer, you are given access to a few things:

  • separate projects creation, to keep everything organized with a set project budget that will notify you if you go over it,
SkyHome Projects Dashboard

  • an e-commerce platform with a wide variety of items available, a lot of which come from the well-known Scandinavian brands,
  • a moodboard module that allows creation of an unlimited number of moodboards to use for personal inspiration or for sharing with clients,
SkyHome Moodboard

  • an integration with a 3D planner software, enabling designers to do a real-time 3D render of what the flat would look like using the products available in the e-commerce part of the platform and then share it with their customers.
SkyHome 3D Planner

Node.js and React duet

To power everything up and enable easy back office management as well as e-commerce functionalities, we’ve used AdminBro — an automated administration panel for Node.js-based applications. It gives SkyHome full control over their users, products, database and orders management. Due to AdminBro’s customizability, the system can be enhanced with additional features and integrations in the future.

The designed and powered by React frontend provides an intuitive user flow to the end user thus streamlining their day-to-day work. An entirety of the interior design can be completed in the browser using a single toolset.

If you’d like to read more about AdminBro-powered projects, how about an e-commerce platform that was used to sell over 600 brand-new cars in pandemic or a video editing and sharing app that was acquired by VSCO? And if you’d like to chat about the possibilities of implementing it in your business, drop me a line at