What to Expect in 2016 ?- The Digital Marketer's Point of View

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

2015 is inevitably coming to an end. While preparing summaries and hopefully drawing conclusions you shouldn’t forget about the upcoming battle — 2016. It has a lot of changes in store for nearly all areas of business. In the article below I would like to focus on one of them — digital marketing. There is a lot to be excited about — mobile being more dominant than ever, video marketing, Internet of Things, wearables and much, much more. Of course, with such great chances to achieve success also come big opportunities to fail. In the marketing world ignorance is definitely not bliss, but a highway to extinction. No time to waste then, “What to expect in 2016 — The digital marketer’s point of view”.

For starters… some numbers

So how does exactly the digital marketing situation look like right now? Here are some statistics:

  • Social media marketing budgets are predicted to double over the next 5 years

  • Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by up to 158%

  • Nearly 50% of companies don’t have a content marketing strategy

  • Content marketing in 2015 generates about 3 times as many leads as the traditional, outbound marketing, while costing 62% less.

  • 60% of marketer’s time is dedicated to digital marketing

  • Nearly 75% of B2B marketers already use video marketing and 7% plan on investing more in their YouTube marketing

  • About 60% of all US Internet activity comes from mobile devices

Sources: smartinsights.com; adweek.com; cmocouncil.org; freely.net/marketing-statistics

Mobile Domination

It’s already happening, but in 2016 mobile should completely dominate the desktop. In

2015 Google announced that traffic coming from mobile started to overtake desktop traffic in many countries. Sites not optimized for this option are now phased out due to the “Mobilegeddon” algorithm (for more information click here). On the other hand, “only mobile sites” are perfectly fine — no need to wonder on which side of the barricade Google stays. The desktop traffic, while still hard to kill, will slowly start to fade away, leaving the online marketing throne to the new king — Mobile.

It seems clear that in the not so distant future nearly every business will need a mobile presence and we are here to help you! Don’t wait and contact us using the contact form.

Video Marketing

Another rapidly growing area for business is video marketing. YouTube has been one of the most popular services for some time already, but there is more to come. Apps like Snapchat, Periscope, Vine and many others have become important platforms, full of opportunities for digital marketers. In 2015, advertising platforms like Facebook and Bing were already offering video options, but in 2016 Google is coming into play, and coming strong with in-SERP video ads. What does it mean? Video ads will be now included in Google search results. That’s a huge change in digital marketing and it shouldn’t be by any means underestimated.

Crowdsourced Content

While creating interesting and catchy content is still a very important thing, crowdsourced content becomes one of new strong players in the marketing game. Good examples of such strategy are Coca Cola and Hewlett Packard with, among others, their customer reference programs. They embraced the fact that stories and conversations coming from their fans are a valuable source of content.

Another good example of a company using crowdsourced content is YouTube. According to the Onalytica research, fans are the authors of 99% of all the content mentioning YouTube. Creating content by ourselves is sometimes very expensive, why not use great materials which are simply within the reach of our grasp?

Minecraft is also a great case study for “how to get crowdsourced content?”. During its annual conferences fans are provided great, free workshops on video creation. How does it work for Minecraft? Well, the fans generate up to 2.4 billion of video views a month on YouTube. No other advertisement is needed.

While the examples above represent big companies, crowdsourced content market is there for the taking also for the small businesses. Don’t be scared. A good example of a small company using crowdsourced content is Slant - read more here.

Wearables and the Internet of Things

2016 is the year when smart devices (so-called wearables) should be gaining more and more traction. Right now most of the people already know about smartwatches, smartglasses or activity trackers but the competition never sleeps. This market is getting more crowded as we speak.

The Internet of Things, if not a game changer (I think it might become one, though) should also add its brick to the new digital marketing castle. The ability to merge several items in clouds and make them cooperate is a great opportunity for digital marketers.

All those tools might make the lines between the classic marketing and digital marketing more difficult to distinguish than ever.

Virtual Reality

Right now it’s still a bit too early to be sure, but the Virtual Reality seems like a great candidate to be “the next big thing”. Facebook, Google and many other players are investing big money in the development of this technology (e.g. Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, Valve’s Vive and much more).

But how can this be used to digital marketing? Webinars using Virtual Reality are some of the commonly used examples. But that’s just a start, the direct mail marketing can be replaced by a complete experience of your product, giving clients a realistic view of what exactly they are being offered.  I strongly suggest not sleeping on this one.

The Future

While most of the predictions in the article above seem to have a great chance of happening, there is for sure more to come (the aforementioned future) — while we speak about digital marketing it’s never a slow evolution. Rather than that, in most of the cases we have to deal with rapid revolution, so don’t become too complacent in the nowadays market.

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