Wojciech Krysiak

Wojciech Krysiak

Co-founder and CTO at Software Brothers He graduated from 2 faculties at 2008: Electronic followed by Marketing and Management. He's been working in IT industry since then. During that time he've built dozens of products for biggest brands, such as Coca-Cola or Canal+. He also created solutions for different international startups having hundreds of thousands of users. Now, apart from being a CTO of Software Brothers, Wojtek focuses on teaching developers how to code by giving keynotes, providing open source solutions on GitHub and running a jscasts.tv youtube channel.

How I develop MeteorJS apps

What this article is about In this article I will show you my way of setting up apps written in MeteorJS. And how this helps me avoiding problems when the app grows. I have divided the article into three parts: part 1. Package for everything <- you are here...

High Quality and Stabilization in Outsourcing

What is high quality in the startup world? High quality is usually understood as the difference between what people expect, and what they ultimately get. The smaller the difference, the higher the quality. In case of a startup, high quality means delivering what customers require in order to solve their...