5 reasons why you should use AdminBro in your startup

We bet you've heard about open source solutions many times, right? But are they actually worth trying?

Well, one of the main reasons to work with open source software is that it helps remove business constraints and it simply saves your money. Open source tools provide source code and the ability to modify that code, they give you the right to freely redistribute the software and have non-restrictive licensing.

This flexibility has a meaningful effect on the cost reduction of development and it is applicable to any sort of business - including startups and small companies.
In this article we will focus on an open source tool we built at Software Brothers and we’ll show you 5 reasons why you should implement it in your startup. OK let’s start!

What is AdminBro?

AdminBro is an open source, auto-generated admin panel written in JavaScript in which you can build a complete Admin Panel within hours instead of days (literally).

It is a ready-to-use library which creates an entire Admin Panel where you can reuse your business logic already written in Node.js. It’s based on your existing schema definition, so building an admin panel from scratch is a piece of cake.

AdminBro is also the apple of Wojtek Krysiak’s eye - its creator - and the whole Software Brothers’ team. Being an open-source project, it is developed by our experts and Node.js developers from all over the world.

5 reasons why you should use AdminBro in your startup

Whether you are a corporation or a bootstrapping startup, AdminBro will meet your needs and now we’ll give you 5 specific reasons why it is worth implementing.

1. Save up to 80% of your development budget.

In February 2020, we implemented AdminBro in one of our projects in the automotive industry.
With AdminBro it took us 300 hours to implement an advanced Node.js panel from scratch.
Without AdminBro it would have cost 1500 h so...the math here is simple: our client saved 1200 h which means he saved 54 000 Euro (1200 hours x 45 Eu / h).
Of course, the larger the project and the planned cost, the greater the savings, but it can be assumed that the average project costs fall to 20% of the original valuation.

It is also worth adding that Admin Bro is very stable and all errors are quickly caught by its engaged community, thanks to which they are immediately fixed and you don’t have to bear the costs of maintaining the tool.

2. You can build your entire startup using only AdminBro...

Until recently AdminBro helped administrators and enabled to work on the back-end side. Now the tool has expanded greatly and it works for end users as well.

It means that you can build your whole startup using AdminBro - just like one of our clients from Texas did. In March 2020 they created a comprehensive app for video editing - using AdminBro tool and the source code available on GitHub.

3. ...or you can use it to develop just the admin panel.

If you already developed your product and only need a backend part - AdminBro will do the job too. It is actually the case mentioned in the first point where the client had already developed and designed the front-end part and needed an advanced admin panel to manage the whole product.

As you can see, developing from scratch something that is already available for free (and moreover open-source!) is simply a waste of time and money. It’s worth keeping that in mind before you start working on your admin panel.

4. You get a multi-featured, all-in-one tool that you can customize for your needs

You’re probably not a CTO (if you are - take a look here and learn how to implement AdminBro) so we won’t overwhelm you with technical details.

What you need to know is that with AdminBro you can:

  • Manage all your application data in one place
  • Connect to almost any database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase Datastore, MariaDB etc.)
  • Use Advanced Filters - you can filter the resources and easily find what you are looking for
  • Adjust branding - user interface is easy to modify so you can match your brand and corporate identity
  • Customize the dashboard - define your own components and add beautiful graphs
  • Use role based access control - make sure your users have all the appropriate permissions
  • Define Actions - define custom actions on your data and implement custom business logic in a simple way

The above features mean that you get an advanced and beautiful tool which you can customize, adjust and use to gather and manage all your data in one place.

5. Become a part of a vibrant and growing community.

AdminBro code is constantly growing and its users expand at an almost exponential rate.

The open source code is available on GitHub while the community grows on a dedicated Slack channel where you can exchange thoughts, tips and doubts with other users. There’s also a popular JsCasts channel on YouTube, dedicated blog articles and interviews with Wojtek Krysiak and you can also listen about AdminBro on various Tech-Conferences and meetups in Berlin, London and more.

Some users are afraid to use open source products because of the lack of professional support. You can’t send a ticket to the company’s support team - that’s true, but with all the above mentioned platforms and content you’ll actually get access to something better: tutorial movies, community support, users’ engagement and real-cases experience. Being left alone is not an option here.

Plus...Words are just words - let the numbers speak for

Here is AdminBro broken down into numbers and stats:

  • Launch date: 12.2018
  • GitHub stars: +1300
  • avg. weekly downloads: 2000
  • total downloads: +45 000
  • YT JsCast total views: +30 000
  • Code releases: +170


Almost every startup struggles with hard deadlines and limited budgets. You might think that that’s the way it is… but it’s actually not. We encourage you to look for other solutions, especially open source ones, so you can boost your efficiency and surround yourself with a ravishing and growing tech-community.

AdminBro took off as a Node.js admin panel tool, but our clients’ experience showed us that it is actually a smart and multi-purpose Startup Starter which allows you to build an entire application in a heartbeat.

So, whether you want to use AdminBro to get an admin panel, or you prefer to use the full capabilities it offers and write the entire application (like our Texas based client) - we’re here to support you!

Try AdminBro on your own and if you need us - don’t hesitate to schedule a call and ask all of your questions.