The benefits and pitfalls of code refactoring

Code refactoring is an integral part of the software development process. Without it, long-term application development is very difficult. See what golden rules we follow to ensure safe software development process for our customers.

Check what's new in the updated AdminBro v0.9!

A new version of Admin Bro - automated admin interface for Node.js apps - is out there. Last weekend we released a new version of AdminBro. The version number is v0.9 and we think that it is the last release in which we say that the library is...

6 tips on how to make an Uber like app

Many entrepreneurs or yet-to-be entrepreneurs want to use Uber's experience and build an app based on well-developed, market-verified concept. Naturally, it comes to the point when you start looking for more details on how to design app like Uber.